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Email the director at with any questions,
or call 897-2933. Please do not text.

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Host a Dance Party here with your friends!!
Choose from Ballet or Broadway, Jazz or Hip Hop!
Pick your favorite theme from Princess to Pirate!

We're teaming up with Sammy's Pizza and Subs
to provide all the delicious food and drinks to make it
a fun, easy way to enjoy your special day!

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Accepting Registrations for Dance Classes
Bluewater Bay | Destin

Tuition is based on the entire dance season and
is divided into 10 equal payments.
Therefore, each month's tuition is the same.

Call 897-2933 or 837-1133 or email
to register for classes and for more information!
When you register, please plan to pay the registration fee, the first
month's tuition, and purchase your supplies (class leotard, tights, shoes)
Please plan to pay with a check, as we do not accept credit cards.
All dance supplies and required leotards are available for purchase at the studios.
We also have a selection of other cute dance bags and other fun things!

Last updated August 13, 2015